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Profession - Season 4

Latest season of a 12 episode TV Show that introduces us to secrets of contemporary professions



Fourth season of an exciting TV show Profession takes us into another 12 worlds of 36 unique individuals that come from different walks of life. We learn what it feels like to be: UX/UI designer, astronomer, health coach, firefighter, TV editor, DJ, meteorologist, make up artist, conductor, book publisher, sommelier and property manager. 

We had the pleasure of talking to successful people who are very well known in their professions. Among our interlocutors are prominent individuals such as astronomers dr Natasa Todorovic, dr Natasa Ilic, dr Dusan Market, conductors Bojan Sudjic, Zeljka Milanovic and Vesna Souc, designers Mirjana Bajic, Monika Lang, Mirjana Vlastelica, TV editors Dusica Basic, Goran Eror and Milos Saranovic, DJs Vladimir Acic, Marko Milicevic aka DJ Gramophonedzie and other.


Creator: Aleksandra Svonja
Producer: Aleksandra Svonja
Editor: Aleksandar Korom
Associate producer: Vanja Espinar