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Vanja Espinar

Vanja Espinar

Vanja is certified as Master of Dramatic and Audiovisual Arts in the field of film and television production, and she has been employed by Classica Nova since 2019 as an associate. As part of the work she is in charge of post-production, but in addition she deals with both organisational and creative issues that arise through working process.

During her final years of study at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts (FDU) in Belgrade, she was involved in the realisation of cultural events and festivals - Belef, Kratki metar, Forest fest, but also FSF and FIST, as well as several music and sports events as part of the internship at RTS. For two years in a row, she represented the FDU at workshops and festival of VGIK, in Russia. For three years, she worked in the organization of the European Summer Film School, which, in addition to participants from around the world, gathered important directors of the Balkan region. She emphasizes her work with colleagues on the projects such as "October Omnibus", "Darija", the pilot"Game of Truth" (which was not broadcast), as well as the theatre play "Proposals".

For thirteen years she was a member, later an instructor (7 years) of the folklore school in Belgrade's KUD Abrasevic, where she was also in charge of marketing and promotion of events and concerts.

She graduated in 2016 with a thesis Manipulation with Stereotypes of Arabs in Hollywood production, inspired by six years of experience living and working in Doha.

She has visited over 85 countries around the world, and has been living in Beijing and Toulouse for the last four years. She gained wider social knowledge, as well as a perspective in the field of culture and art, visiting the simplest places and homes in the world, and as one of the most unforgettable, she emphasizes the days in the Namibian desert, favelas and homes of artists in Brazil, friendships with families in Cuba, Bolivia, Sudan, etc. She considers such an intertwining of cultures and ideas as an innovation of tomorrow, through the work of young visual artists, to whom he wants to give her contribution.

Vanja is fluent in Serbian, English, Russian, Spanish, currently learning French. She is POINTS OF YOU practitioner, facilitator to be.