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Spot Redemption u Tokiju izabran za najbolji u kategoriji Best Art

"Redemption" music video is a winner of the Best Art category in Tokyo

We are happy to share this wonderful news! Our music video "Redemption" is a winner of the Best Art category at the International Monthly Film Festival in Tokyo.

A while ago, wrote: "Filmed in black and white, the video depicts Bernadett wandering the grounds of the magnificent landscape before a burst of colour washes over to reveal Bernadett clothed in bright red, performing with her violin. Sweeping aerial shots over the fortress, showcase an impressive bird's- eye view, drenched in sunlight, while Bernadett's elegant performance brings sophistication and a natural charm. The collaboration between Bernadett and Classica Nova has produced something sensational, illustrating the magic and universal language that Bernadett's music brings to her fans."

Redemption was directed by Aleksandra Svonja and Aleksandar Korom.